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After many hours of product development and testing we are proud to present, what we believe is, one of the best all-around wetsuits on the market in its price segment. The OpenSEA is a perfect choice for both the beginner and the experienced swimmer who would like to try open water swimming or triathlon. When designing the OpenSEA we have kept the hallmark of Colting Wetsuits - the fexible shoulders. By using 100% Yamamoto neoprene it gives you the best fexibility and rotation when moving the arms.

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After testing different variations of materials, thickness and design of the panels the wetsuit is constructed with a mix of 1.5 and 2.0 mm neoprene. This makes it good for both open water swimming and Triathlon.


OpenSea is made of 100% neoprene with durable textile structure on the shoulders, crouch and back of legs. The rest of the wetsuits has a smooth surface, which allows for speed in the water. The shoulders are made of 100% Yamamoto to give you the best possible flexibility


For the shoulders, we have chosen to use a neoprene from Japan of the very highest quality; Yamamoto. This gives the best flexibility while at the same time keeping the heat. Yamamoto is 99.7% impervious to water.


For the ultimate fit around arms, we have placed what we call ALL SEAL, a tighter fit, that keeps water out and allows the suit to fit perfectly around the arms.


Colourful shoulder and back of legs for great visibility.

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