This is the perfect training aide for those who want to develop their swimming technique. For many triathlon racers and swimrunenthusiasts, swimming is their greatest weakness. Having worked and helped hundreds of people to improve their swimmingtechnique, the question is constantly raised as to whether or not really good aides exist to help with balance, water position andto get the hips and legs up more during swimming training. Usually pull buoys are used, but a disadvantage is that it impairs thebody’s rotation and the natural leg kicking balance. After a longer period of development and testing, Colting Wetsuits can nowpresent a better alternative to the pull buoys, namely SWIMPANTS SP01!

The Swimpants are an aide geared to both elite racers and amateur enthusiasts who just started swim training.With SWIMPANTS SP01, the experienced swimmer gets an optimal water position with perfect lift in the hips and thighswithout compromising on body rotation or leg kicking balance! The Swimpants are used a great deal by swimmers whobegin their preseason training indoors to improve their swimming techniques and to build up their stamina. It is also anexcellent aide to use in sprint competitions in Swimrun or swimming training outdoors in warmer waters.


side stretch

Along the outer side of the legs we added a panel which is 1.5 mm thick with extra stretch in order to increase mobility further both during swimming and running, but not least when getting in and out of the water.


With the help of integrated clear lines in the design on the sides of the SWIM PANTS SP01, a trainer can easily discover incorrect techniques or positions in the water of the swimmer.


For the ultimate fit around the hips, we’ve developed HIP SEAL TM. An extremely flexible material which, together with the lacing function, keeps water out and allows the pants to fit perfectly around the hips.

100% yamamoto scs surface

In order to be able to use as thin material as possible while still maintaining temperature and surface durability, we have chosen to use a neoprene from Japan of the very highest quality; Yamamoto. Yamamoto is 99.7% impervious to water. We use Yamamoto 39 and 40 for maximum flexibility. The tight structure in the neoprene also means the wetsuit won’t wear out like common wetsuits do.

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