Swimrun cord

The swimrun cord from Colting Wetsuits is a great way to benefit from the strength of teammates and can be used to pull each other both in the water and while running.


Lightweight and filled with functions

The Swimruncord is made by reinforced lightweight nylon with reflecting stitching. Buckles in plastic keeps the belt in a low weight and still makes it secure and comfortable to use. With an elastic 4 mm thick and 2 meters long cord keeps you attached to your teammate when needed during a race.  An extra hook is placed on the waistband you can easily attach a carabiner for your hand paddles.

The Swimrun cord comes in two sizes, S/M and M/L and includes 2 waistbands and one cord perfect for you and your teammate.

The package comes in three different versions, 2 * S/M, 2 * M/L or 1 * S/M and 1 * M/L


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