SWIMRUN GO Black/Orange (men)

When Jonas Colting, winner of ÖTILLÖ the swimrun world championship 3 times, developed the wetsuit SwimrunGO, focus was to create an affordable quality wetsuit specifically designed for Swimrun. The SwimrunGO is built for speed and agility on land and has a balanced buoyancy for optimal position in the water.

The SwimrunGO is the perfect choice for those who would like to try the fast growing sport of Swimrun. It is also the perfect choice for those who have participated in a number of Swimrun races and would like to invest in a new wetsuit specially designed for the sport of Swimrun.

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For the shoulders, we have chosen to use a neoprene from Japan of the very highest quality; Yamamoto. This gives the best flexibility while at the same time keeping the heat. Yamamoto is 99.7% impervious to water.


Shoulder with enlightening colours makes you visible to boaters, jet skis, kite boarders or other potential human hazards while you are swimming. The suit is also equip-ped with a whistle in case of an emergency when you need to attract attention.


For the ultimate fit around arms and legs, we have placed what we call ALL SEAL, a tighter fit, that keeps water out and allows the suit to fit perfectly around the arms and the legs.


After tests with different materials, thickness and design of the panels, we have managed to succeed in creating a combination to perfectly manage the tough conditions that you often meet in on a Swimrun race.

  • Shoulders: Flexible material for better mobility and decreased fatigue in shoulders.
  • Legs: Thinner material for optimum freedom of movement while running on technical paths with obstacles and tough terrain.
  • Stomach: Panel with extra buoyancy to provide the user with a balanced and optimal position in the water.
  • Legs front and back: Extremely durable material to meet tough conditions and durable against scratches.

The SwimrunGO is equipped with 2 pockets located on the lower back on the outside of the wetsuit. The pockets are easy to access and help you save energy and stay focused during your race.

Size guide men:

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