T03 is our most advanced Triathlon wetsuit ever made, and an upgrade from previous model T02.

With high technological materials and a unique panel structure the T03 is designed for triathletes and open water swimmers that are only satisfied with the best.

Yamamoto Corporation is regarded as the world’s top producer of neoprene, where their 40 cells neoprene is their top of the line material for flexibility, fit and comfort. The 40 cells neoprene from Yamamoto is used on parts of the arms and shoulders of the T03 to create the most flexible and comfortable fit to optimise your swimming experience.

”When I compete in triathlon, swimming speed in terms of the wetsuit is the absolutely most important feature. A good wetsuit swims fast! For the T03 model, we’ve tested many different prototypes during the development process and we’re proud to say that we’ve created one of the fastest wetsuits on the market! It is clever and of course easy to take off after training or during race change-overs. The wetsuit is suitable for both experienced elite triathlon racers, but thanks to the wetsuit’s elasticity, it is also perfectly suited for novice enthusiasts who want a more comfortable wetsuit of the highest quality. Everyone swims faster in a premium wetsuit!”  - Jonas Colting


Yamamoto 40 cells neoprene is placed on the shoulders and arms, and with the Extreme Quad Stretch™ construction in the shoulders, gives an amazing flexibility when moving the arms.
The new S-line construction of the wetsuit going from the crotch all the way up to the neck was developed after several months of testing. It proved to keep a better balance and position in the water, and therefore optimising the arms movement.
We have chosen to use a neoprene from Japan of the very highest quality; Yamamoto. This gives the best flexibility while at the same time keeping the heat. Yamamoto is 99.7% impervious to water. Yamamoto 39 and 40 cells are used for maximum flexibility. The tight structure in the neoprene also means the wetsuit won’t wear out like other material can do.
After tests with different variations of materials, thickness and design of the panels, we have managed to succeed in creating what we call Extreme Float. It’s thanks to the mix of 1.5 mm material on the arms, shoulders and on the sides of the legs, 3 mm around the waist and 5 mm on the stomach and legs that we’ve managed to achieve the maximum surface capacity in combination with high flexibility.
Along the outer side of the legs we’ve added a panel which is 1.5 mm thick with extra stretch in order to increase mobility further during swimming and running, and last but not least when getting in and out of the water.

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