Swimming will always be my first love! Swimming is the sport I was introduced to at the age of 10 and over time I came to reserve a special place in my heart for it. The exercise in itself is awesome. Learning and mastering the four different strokes. Developing skills through technique drills and honing my craft through difficult and challenging sets and workout, all of it!

The love for swimming grew even stronger once I got into triathlon and open water. An entire new world was presented, a world not restricted by lane ropes and pool walls. A new world where the great wide open and the spectacular swimming adventure awaited!

The love for swimming and endurance training led to a career as a professional triathlete in which I won several World Championships, several international podiums and three victories in ÖTILLÖ Swimrun. And the yearning for the great swimming adventure didn´t fade over the years but rather grew stronger. During the years since I retired from professional triathlon I´ve among other adventures swam the 640 kilometres between Stockholm and Gothenburg in Sweden and 150 kilometres around the island of Phuket in Thailand.

During the summer of 2017 I´ll be swimming around the Swedish island of Gotland.

I´ve always searched for the perfect wetsuit. A wetsuit soft and flexible enough to provide range of motion but at the same time with enough lift and float that it will enable an ideal position in the water. A wetsuit that feels light to wear but yet protects from being cold. A wetsuit with the perfect symmetry and construction that it will maximize speed and functionality in open water. A wetsuit that will come on and off with ease and feels like second nature to the swimmers body. And finally a wetsuit with good looks and an attractive design that it stands out among other brands.

It´s been an on-going quest to find the perfect wetsuit!

After having spent the past 25 years swimming in numerous wetsuits, some good and some worse, the long wait is finally over! I decided the time had come to stop waiting for someone to build the perfect wetsuit and instead build it myself.

The result is Colting Wetsuits and I´m proud to be able to deliver exactly the wetsuit I´ve been searching for through my career; a magnificently speedy, soft, warm, functional and great looking wetsuit! A swimmers wet dream.

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