The sport of swimrun was invented in 2006 when the inaugural edition of ÖTILLÖ took place. I was one of the very few participants toeing the line that year, and have done so every year since then. At the time no one knew what to call this amphibious endurance adventure and none of us really knew how to tackle the event. At least not with the mandatory equipment the organizers demanded the first few years. Among other things we had to wear a backpack with various paraphernalia as well as a life jacket on top of the wetsuit!

A lot has happened since those humble beginnings! Not only were the demands on superfluous equipment skipped but we´ve also seen a tremendous increase in interest and participation around swimrun. Development of race equipment has naturally followed.

Something we, pioneers of swimrun, understood already in 2006, was the need to cut the wetsuit to make it easier to run in. We weren´t able, however, to open it in the front as we only to make do with traditional wetsuits at the time. Such specific demands are corner stones when we designed and built the Colting Wetsuit Swimrun.

Our swimrun wetsuit has the same high level of quality as the triathlon suit when it comes to material, design and fit. But the swimrun wetsuit also has a front zipper for cooling during warm running segments. It has enforced material around the bottom and thighs but is also adjusted to enable faster running through innovative choices with material and construction through the hip region. Furthermore, small pockets are inserted on the inside of the suit, in which one can carry energy or mandatory equipment like compass, first aid or race chip/GPS.

The wetsuit comes full length and you it´s easy to cut it yourself according to your own personal measurements.

It´s very beneficial to use hand paddles during the swim sections in a swimrun and the reason for that is to mitigate the weight of having shoes on in the water. Naturally, we also carry paddles in our product line. Two different sizes. And while we´re on the subject on wearing shoes while swimming, the best way to float the feet and lower legs is to use a pair of our Calves with built-in flotation. All in all. Colting Wetsuits have got you covered with everything you need for your first or next swimrun!

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