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My first open water race was the Canal Swim in Motala way back in 1989. If I´m not mistaken it was 3000 metres long. At the time I was one of the best freestyle swimmers in my agegroup in Sweden. However, racing in open water was a different challenge all together and I remember being more tired during this event than ever before.

I swam without a wetsuit. Simply because the modern open water wetsuit was just barely invented and the ones available weren´t that great.

The year after I swam my first Vansbroswim, the largest open water race in the world. A 3000 metre swim that draws thousands of participants. I also did this race without a wetsuit and I finished in 14th place. Many of those that beat me did wear wetsuits and I was annoyed over how fast it made them. It was obvious that a wetsuit made you faster! If you had the right kind of wetsuit, that is…

Today basically everyone wears wetsuits at the Vansbroswim, other open water races and in triathlons, water temperatures permitting. A wetsuit protects against the cold and will make you float like never before. It´s basically impossible to sink or even to swim under water. And you swim faster! Accomplished swimmers and beginners alike, everybody swims faster. The modern wetsuit has done open water swimming more accessible and attractive and of course safer for the general public. Especially in areas where water temperature normally is a concern or summers short.

I´ve always searched for the perfect wetsuit. A wetsuit soft and flexible enough to provide range of motion but at the same time with enough lift and float that it will enable an ideal position in the water. A wetsuit that feels light to wear but yet protects from being cold. A wetsuit with the perfect symmetri and construction that it will maximize speed and functionality in open water. A wetsuit that will come on and off with ease and feels like second nature to the swimmers body. And finally a wetsuit with good looks and an attractive design that it stands out among other brands.

It´s been an on-going quest to find the perfect wetsuit!

After having spent the past 25 years swimming in numerous wetsuits, some good and some worse, the long wait is finally over! I decided the time had come to stop waiting for someone to build the perfect wetsuit and instead build it myself.

The result is Colting Wetsuits and I´m proud to be able to deliver exactly the wetsuit I´ve been searching for through my career; a magnificently speedy, soft, warm, functional and great looking wetsuit! A swimmers wet dream.

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